Since I have become a mom, the story of a woman fascinates me. Every story is different but amazing to me. I love getting to know people deeper than just on the surface. This year I would like to move my photography towards more storytelling. These sessions will look different than the normal session. It will include homework and a little more time but the end result will be a prized possession. 


The "Teegan" 

She is her mama's first baby girl and her last. She will grow to learn Star Wars, Ninja's, and Legos but will love dolls and baking with her mama. Her mama will have a big dreams for her, not that she doesn't for her boys but they will be different for her daughter. She will hope heartbreak is minimal and that love comes easy. 


The "Madi"

When she wakes on graduation morning, she will be filled with excitement and fear. Soon she will be out on her own making her own decisions and remembering everything her parents have told her and taught her. She is thankful for the lessons high school taught her but she is ready to move on to new friendships, new loves, and new opportunities.


The "Luck" 

She is working to make a name for herself in her industry. She know's her worth and won't take anything less. She knows the hours she puts in now, will be worth it in a few years. She is a #girlboss.


The "Fresh" Motherhood

He is her first baby. She wonders if she will know how to care for him. She feels more protective than she ever has in her life and heart feels more full than she could imagine. This first week will be one of the biggest challenges she has ever faced. The hours will be endless and the emotions high but the love will be immense.