Jackie ~ Motherhood Session

Jackie was the winner of a motherhood session that I did a few months back. When I drew her name, I knew she was the perfect person because I knew the struggles and the story of bringing Nikynzie into this world and the love that this momma has for her baby girl. Here is her story: 

When was the moment that you decided that you wanted to become a mom?

" I've always wanted to have a family. We officially made the decision to start trying when Richard turned to me on the couch and said, "let's have a baby!" I could never say no to him."


"My wish is that she stays strong and independent. Sometimes the world we live in can be harsh and I want her to push through all of that and know that it takes work to become what you want, but that it's worth it." 

"I hope she knows that it's okay to make mistakes, to feel overwhelmed, to feel unbalanced. But, that with every one one of those mistakes or moments of weakness is a chance to become better, or notice an opportunity for an extra kiss, or even just know that the next day is one for more memories." 


" I hope she remembers I was there for all of her moments, her memories, her ups and her downs. I also hope she remembers how much I love and cherish her daddy. She has always been our missing puzzle piece. "

How has life changed since becoming a mother? 

" In every way! There are these moments where you can't possibly think you could love someone more, then she does something else. She has added this completeness to our marriage, our extended family, and our careers. Everything means just a touch more knowing that she's a part of it. "

What do you want to remember most about Nikynzie at this time? 

" Her laugh. It's changed within the last few months and she's so funny and so much the center of attention, that her new little giggle just gets me every time. Plus, the cute way she says words, like nuffin (nothing), "seriously?! (hands on hips), and "I miss you" every time she sees you or wants something:) "